Our Automatic Transmission Overhaul Rebuild or Replacement Warranty

Suburban Transmissions is proud to offer a strong 3 years, 100,000 miles warranty on our complete automatic transmission overhaul or rebuild. We also offer factory remanufactured transmissions, and can often extend the warranty beyond the dealer's guarantee on these installations. The warranty covers all parts, labor, internal electronics, fluid, and taxes.

How Important is the Transmission Warranty?

Longer parts and service warranties are known to draw more customers. Transmission rebuilders are aware of this, so many provide clearly defined, long term warranties. Why then, would a transmission shop shorten their warranty period and lose some potential customers? The answer is they have probably taken short cuts in the repair to save costs stripping the reliability of the repair.

Warranty Period for Transmission Rebuild and Replacement

Companies offer warranties to consumers to either address apprehensions consumers may have about the quality of the companies’ products, or to draw attention to the quality of their products. A consumer may not expect a product to fail, but a strong transmission warranty shows the consumer that the manufacturer doesn’t expect it to fail. The potential benefit for the transmission shop is the increase in sales. The potential cost to the company is the loss due to untimely failures. Since a longer transmission warranty will yield more sales, what criteria would a company use to determine the warranty period? The answer is the point at which the overall cost of warranty-covered failures becomes higher than the overall benefit of the increase in sales. If a company’s product is less reliable, that point represents a shorter period of time. If a company’s product is very reliable, that point represents a longer period of time. The bottom line: If a transmission shop doesn’t have confidence in their product, neither should you. You will find in your research that Suburban has among the longest warranties on their transmission overhauls as anyone in the industry.

Transmission Extended Warranty Contracts in Maryland

Suburban Transmission will honor any auto transmission vehicle extended warranty contract in Maryland, no matter where the vehicle was purchased. The contract may have been purchased through a used car dealer dealership, or on the internet. We have years of experience navigating the red tape of the extended warranty contract to assure that the claim is not invalidated due to a technicality. We have dealt repeatedly with most of the warranty companies out there and have experienced great success in ensuring our customers claims are approved.

Our Transmission Service Will Extend the Current Warranty

Many cars and trucks that come into our shop with an aftermarket extended service warranty contract are more than halfway through the original contract term. Often times, the extended warranty company only wishes to get a warranty for the term of their contract. If you only have a month left on your contract, that does not provide you with any security. At Suburban, any transmission on which we perform services has a warranty for a period of time, depending on the nature of the work. As our customer, this warranty will be provided to you upon completion of services. This warranty does not replace your original extended automotive service warranty contract, but will extend the warranty past the original contract period for any repair services that we perform.