Transmission Repair Prices in Maryland

Looking for Transmission Prices? In need of Automatic Transmission Repair?

Shopping for thje best price by phone in Maryland gives you the most leverage. However, how can you compare prices without having the problem diagnosed?

The most efficient way to compare transmission repair prices over the phone is to ask for a hypothetical worst-case scenario; this is the most it could possibly cost for major work or replacement. When calling for transmission prices, simply ask how much it would cost to replace your transmission altogether, if required. Be wary of anyone who will not give worst-case prices over the phone.

It is a good idea to have the transmission repair price estimate faxed or e-mailed to you with the statement, "The total price to replace the transmission will not exceed this amount for any reason, regardless of the present condition of the transmission. This price includes all parts, labor, fluid, supplies, and Maryland taxes." Make sure they state the warranty. A 3 year warranty has become the industry standard. Suburban Transmissions always offers a worst case scenario estimate over the phone including a 3 year warranty.

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