Honesty and Integrity

Selling is a trillion dollar industry, where almost everything you see and hear has been systematically designed to modify your economic behavior. Salespeople are employed to sell, trained to sell, and motivated to sell through compensation. They are taught what to say and how to say it. They spend week after week, year after year, learning, practicing, and honing their skills. For a salesperson, expectations can be high, competition can be fierce, and disappointment may not be well received. It’s a numbers game, where performance is judged relative to the mean in your industry; good numbers and you stay, bad numbers and you will be replaced. Quite often, desperation or greed can force salespeople to wrestle with their morality. The customer is always the one to suffer in these instances.

So, how do you know when a salesperson is deceiving you? There is debate over whether the lies of an experienced swindler can reliably be detected. If there are detection methods, though, chances are career salespeople already know about them, and have made the appropriate behavioral adjustments.

Big companies can allow this to continue, because when a perpetrator is caught, they can claim that an honest mistake was made, reprimand or terminate the employee, compensate the customer, and deny that a pattern exists. An independent business like Suburban relies solely on satisfied customers and word of mouth to maintain its business. As a result, such deceptive practices would have dire consequences.

What should you do? We often hear stories where people say that they had a funny feeling that something didn’t seem right. These stories usually have unfortunate outcomes, which is probably why we hear about them. If you find yourself feeling uneasy, it may be best to take a few steps back. I’ve never seen someone obsess over a mistake they didn’t make.  We encourage you to seek out second opinions and research your transmission on your own at Suburban Transmissions. We are confident your research will conclude that Suburban maintains total honesty and integrity. 

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I realize this is not something a company would normally put on its website, but I thought it important to discuss the businesses practices that are prevalent in service-based industries such as automotive, home improvement, etc.