Transmission Extended Warranty Contracts in Maryland

Suburban Transmission honors all extended auto warranty contracts, regardless of where the truck or car warranty was purchased. Most of these contracts are sold through used car dealerships, although some may have been purchased as an extended warranty on a new car or truck. Contracts that cover engine and transmission problems can also be purchased on the Internet, but buyer beware on these warranties. The terms within the contract usually include specific maintenance procedures that must be fulfilled to keep the contract valid. These procedures often include changing motor oil and transmission fluids at regular intervals, according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications. While there are numerous vendors, including Carmax MaxCare in Laurel, all warranties sold in Maryland have a minimum coverage responsibility.  

Auto Transmission Extended Warranty Service Contract Claims

At Suburban, our sole responsibility is to you, not the warranty company. Auto extended warranty contracts usually incorporate a list of ‘gotchas’ into their service contracts. We keep a catalog of most warranty company contracts on file, and stay up to date on transmission contract fine print. This is done to insure that the claim is not declined due to technicalities, such as improper verbiage, that could erroneously be used when documenting the cause of failure on a transmission warranty claim. Our experience in dealing with these companies allow us to follow the proper procedure to be sure that your claim is approved. Moreover, we have performed repairs for every major warranty company within Maryland.  Our reputation of receiving approval for repairs from these companies assists in making the approval process run more smoothly.  Engine oil should be changed at specified intervals, and all receipts should be kept with the warranty contract paperwork. While filing a claim for an automatic transmission failure, some companies will require a copy of all engine oil receipts. Although the engine and the transmission lubrication requirements are not related in any way, a warranty company may deny a claim if your engine maintenance records cannot be produced. We make sure to review the contracts prior to contacting the warranty company to ensure that we know what repairs will be covered and the proper procedure for presenting a claim.

Automobile extended warranty companies operate much like any other business, so some are better than others when it comes to paying out warranty claims. As a buyer, it is difficult to tell the difference between them, and countless hours of research can’t compete with real-life business experience. The entities that have the most experience with automobile extended warranty companies are the used car dealerships. We have extensive experience in dealing with all companies, putting us in a better position to know how best to get approval for your repair.

Buying Auto Extended Warranties through Maryland Car Dealerships

Maryland Car dealerships have the most experience with extended auto warranties. Because they sell aftermarket warranties in Maryland on a daily basis, they seek out the best companies with which to do business. With a few exceptions, it is usually better to purchase an extended warranty from a car dealership than from any other vendor. A dealer is unlikely to do business with a disreputable company, as it is not usually in their economic best interest. If a car dealership has a problem with a warranty company, it means that their customer has a problem, which becomes a pain for them. Car dealerships are likely to make a little money from selling a warranty, but usually won't benefit from selling bad ones. In my honest opinion, the worst place to buy an after market extended auto warranty is the Internet. I would also avoid any warranty that is heavily promoted through mass media, such as television and radio. If you have any specific questions regarding a company, Suburban Transmissions can provide insight into our experience with that company.