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Transmission Repair Service Maryland

Laurel Maryland Transmission Repair and Transmission Service and Diagnostic Specialists

Suburban Transmissions of Maryland is a full service automatic transmission repair facility, specializing in service and diagnostics for electronic computer-controlled transmissions. Whether a transmission repair or replacement, we offer the finest service and pay meticulous attention to detail. We provide our customers with straightforward answers so they may make knowledgeable decisions. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have as we happily discuss transmission problems over the phone, in detail, presenting different options and prices, including worst-case scenarios. Our outstanding service to the Maryland, Virginia, & DC areas and our 3 year, 100,000 mile warranty makes us Maryland’s finest transmission repair and service diagnostic specialists. Please allow us the opportunity to explain why we are the best choice in Maryland for expert diagnosis and mechanical repair of computer controlled transmission problems.

At Suburban Transmissions of Maryland, We Offer:

Price - We Give Up Front Prices and cost of Transmission Rebuild and Replacement Over the Phone.
Candor - Suburban Offers Detailed Discussion about Your Specific Transmission Problem, Up Front and Over the Phone.
Diagnosis - Advanced Analysis & Diagnosis of Computer Controlled Transmission Problems and Engine Issues.
Warranty - Suburban Offers a 3 Years, 100000 Miles Transmission Warranty Option on Most Transmission Rebuilds or Overhauls.
Options - Service Options Include Transmission Service Repair, Overhaul, Rebuild and Replacement.
Technicians - We Employ Master Certified Transmission Technicians, Each with Over 30 Years in the Industry.

Questions Answered About Your Automatic Transmission Problem

We are a full service automatic transmission shop, specializing in electronic computer controlled service, repair and diagnostics. As a visitor to my site you are probably looking for answers to vital questions, which you would like to have answered clearly and honestly. Most questions include:

“What, specifically, is wrong with my automatic transmission and how much will it cost to fix?”, “How do I know whether a technician has the specialized equipment and experience necessary to properly diagnose my truck or car transmission or related electronic issue?”, “How do I know that a service writer understands the true nature of my transmission problem, and won`t bill me much more for service and repair than I should otherwise pay?”

Our site provides a large amount of information about transmission service and repair. Of course, feel free to call us anytime at 301.362.1200 for information about your specific transmission problem. I encourage all visitors to take time to gather information. Weighing the crucial factors, I believe you will find Suburban Transmissions an excellent choice. Links to more information are highlighted in blue.

Vast Expertise in Advanced Computer Controlled Transmission Diagnostics

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on a transmission repair in Maryland, only to find out later that it was unnecessary. Unfortunately, once the transmission is removed, there is little chance you’ll ever know. There is an abundance of evidence that “expert” transmission diagnostic mistakes such as these are widespread occurrences among service centers. After being told they needed a transmission replacement, many customers bring vehicles in to us, only to find out that the transmission was never the problem. I want to be fair to those facilities; some diagnostic problems are very complex, and engine problem symptoms often mimic those of transmission problems. Here is where our extensive computer controlled transmission and engine diagnostic experience prevents costly errors. Of the transmission misdiagnoses that we see by technicians, most are the result of inexperience or disregard for industry accepted diagnostic procedures for transmission problems. With our decades of experience, this is not an issue at Suburban Transmissions.

Advanced Parts and Procedures for Remanufactured Transmission Rebuild

Of the cars and trucks that enter our shop, over 86% failed due to transmission design flaws. Service industry associations have spent years researching the root causes of transmission slipping and failure. From their findings, they have produced redesigned transmission parts and technologies to alleviate these issues. The companies that produce these products include Sonnax, TransGo, Superior, and Translab. These upgrades, when used in conjunction with NEW original equipment dealer transmission parts, provide a more durable product than remanufactured transmission that use rebuilt components and assemblies. Using advanced repair and transmission rebuild procedures allows Suburban to produce the finest products and a outstanding warranty, often longer than most of our competitors.

References and Referrals

You may have received a reference from a friend or colleague or a referral from another auto shop in Maryland; please let them know we appreciate them for putting their reputation on the line, and in return we will make sure we do not disappoint you or them. We do not have official relationships or contracts with the auto service shops and businesses that refer customers to us, and we do not provide referral fees, kickbacks, or bonuses of any kind to these businesses or their employees. If you are not happy with our services, we know that they will certainly hear about it, and refrain from sending us referrals in the future.

Business Reputation

A business’ reputation is an important consideration for a consumer, especially in the automotive and transmission service business. Unlike retail, where you can buy and return an item within a period of time, the quality of transmission service you receive has lasting consequences. Some transmission repair shops provide a small list of handpicked references from a large group of perhaps hundreds of customers. Suburban, however, can provide a multitude of references from other local automotive service repair shops who have recommended Suburban Transmissions to their own customers for years.

Transmission Repair Cost and Warranty Period

Shopping by phone gives you the more control, but many transmission shops in Maryland will not give out repair service costs without first having the problem diagnosed. It is true that you will need to have the transmission problem properly diagnosed, but you should also ask shops about their prices and warranty to get a good point of reference. The best way for comparison is to ask how much it would cost to replace the transmission altogether, if required, and the warranty period. Make sure the shop manager is willing to put it in writing. At Suburban Transmissions of Maryland, all major transmission repairs carry a full 3 Year, 100,000 mile warranty. Many shops do not offer a long-term warranty, which reflects poorly on the confidence they have in their own product. Since longer warranties have shown to attract more customers, the question arises as to why some other shops don’t offer competitive transmission warranties.